Spread the light

Yeah, the days are getting longer again and the light is shining brighter. God is light and that has attraction, gives hope and gives life. What a solid ground that is. To really know Him, that is life!
The last Sunday of last year Arjan let the light shine in a church service and spoke about God’s promises to us. And February 7 is Amanda’s turn to share the Word in the Sunday morning service. It is such an honor to share God’s Words.

The Lord is not sitting still and gave us a while back a beautiful project to work on. We are quite busy working on it. This idea had been waiting on the shelf for a number of years and we thought it would mainly be a project for Madagascar. But now the Lord let it bubble up again. But… for the Dutch people.

Let’s explain. Years ago we ran across a course from New Tribes Mission, a missions organization that has developed Bible lessons for missionaries who go to areas where there is still little knowledge about God and the Bible. Step by step these lessons take people into who God is and His wonderful news for this world.
At the time we were touched by this method and thought that maybe one day we could use it in Madagascar.

But now there are also more and more people in our society who know nothing or little about the wonderful news of God for them and the hope and solid ground, which is in knowing God. These simple lessons just lay the foundation for truly knowing Him.

The world as we know it is reeling and many are beginning to think, that there is more than their own little life after all. People have no hope for the future. Many people struggle with depression and uncertainty, while God wants to give light and a hopeful future.
These lessons are simple and go step by step through the wonderful plan of God to find hope and a future. It is: God’s story to us.

Since many people don’t like to read anymore, we decided to record these lessons and make them into an audio series. A lot of work, dry mouths and stickers with ‘do not disturb’ on the door, but oh so worthwhile if people get to know their Creator in this way.
It’s not finished yet, but we are working steadily. We want to place these lessons on our website and on YouTube. (in Dutch)

We’ll keep you posted!

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