Shining light

The world stage continues to rumble, but we remain undisturbed in our gaze on the Lord and move forward cheerfully. For now the focus and activities are more Dutch orientated.
If, in spite of decreasing numbers, they will push through a law for mandatory wearing face masks in Holland (still strongly advised), we want to give it a cheerful twist and don’t let our joy been stolen. We have designed a nice ray of sunshine in this darkness ‘Jesus loves you! So with others we will spread a cheerful grin with this face cover.

In the meantime the Lord has helped Arjan for a job in a special way. He now helps a brother in Christ in his office interior business 3 days a week. A lot of people are working at home nowadays and get a desk and chair from their boss, so the men can roll up their sleeves.
Furthermore, our Dutch website has got a new page: Education. Here people can read articles, download an e-book and listen or see Bible studies.

This month we are giving twice a Bible study in the church we attend with the subject: Christ in us.
The first study was last Wednesday and we were with a nice group. Great to dive into the Word of God together and to see how great God’s love is for us and that we as His children can and may walk in the power of His love. What a richness and miracle of God, that Jesus now abides and lives in us. Jesus the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Victor and Jesus the Light!

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. – 1 John 4 verse 4

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