Behind the scenes

The end of summer is approaching. The sun retreats further back towards the equator. The past few months have been nice and quiet, but there is also movement.
Early July, before the big crowds, we spontaneously went on a holiday for 2 weeks to the French Alps. The old tent was taken from the attic, our miracle-car was loaded and there we went. We really loved our stay. It has been a long time ago since we had enjoyed the flowers of the Alpine meadows and had hiked through the majestic jagged mountains that our Daddy made. The mountain marmots, edelweis flowers and waterfalls were not hidden from us.

Despite the ‘quiet’ summer there is movement. Behind the scenes a lot is happening. God is at work, in our own lives, but also around us. Not directly things we can point out, but in the Spirit we notice that there is a lot going on. A few things that the Lord presses on our hearts are to spend more time talking and listening to Him. Old forgotten promises of God are revived and God’s incitement remains, that we keep our focus on Him and His Word and don’t allow ourselves to be distracted.
The little Bible study groups continue steadily and to our joy we continue to see growth. Where does all this lead to?

In any case, it is clear to us, that for now we have to be here in the Netherlands.

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