Just a message to keep you informed about the events here. We’ve been pretty creative lately. Once we were asked to do a live Bible study together. This was a new challenge how we would knit this together with the two of us, but also to build up the invisible spectators talking in an empty room with just a camera in front of you. But this experience was certainly worth repeating. (See link to watch the practical study (you can apply English translation))

We also received a beautiful and simple idea from the Lord to reach people in this day and age with God’s encouraging message, and He said, “Work while it is still day”. An old but effective concept: coin stickers with a message. For as long as it lasts, cash is still in circulation and reaches many people who don’t know Jesus yet. So we started working with this idea and a nice catchy sticker was born. “Don’t panic, Jesus is alive!” It fits nicely on most of the coins. Meanwhile other people have also hooked up and are enthusiastically putting stickers on their money and spreading these simple but powerful seeds of God’s Kingdom.

To stay in the sticker business, also the car we bought in April has now nice stickers, pointing to Jesus. Driving around with free advertisement for our Lord. How beautiful is that! That is the least we can do with our miracle car!
Furthermore God gave other ideas and many self-designed greeting cards have been spread with God’s encouraging words to build people in this time where people are sometimes discouraged or lonely. Our creative Father who created heaven and earth has infinite ideas in store for His children. Let it flow so that people can be reached in many ways with God’s love and great salvation plan.
And to add even more to this blooming creativity of us, we even decided to finally give our ceiling and walls a fresh paint after 20 years and have a new carpet.

A trip to Madagascar or other places doesn’t seem to be working yet, but we’re having a great time here as well. The Bible study groups are expanding, so we grow together in God’s Kingdom. God is good!

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