Brasilia is a different city than Sao Paulo and Salvador. There is more order in this capital in terms of infrastructure. And they don’t drive here so crazy. It is a relatively new city that was designed from scratch in the middle of the jungle in 1960. The urban architectural design of the city center is based on the shape of an airplane and it is spacious.

In this church we gave the training God the Healer. Marcello and Christina had also flown in from Sao Paulo to join the team. The first evening there were many sick people and many were healed and freed. It was a real party. The rest of the weekend was successful. Several had to cry when they heard the truth about God’s healing and that they could cooperate with God to set people free from the works of the devil.
Due to connections with someone in the government they had placed us in a very luxurious hotel. The first reaction Amanda had when entering the room was, where is our bed? Not knowing we had 2 rooms, a living room and a bedroom (just like in the movies). What a treat! Daddy is so good! (more pictures)

On Monday we flew back to Sao Paulo. Anthony and Daisy travelled the same day to America. Our ticket was on Wednesday so we had 2 days to go. Marcello and Christina invited us to their house. Such sweet and warm people. They are a great example of God’s love for people. Through their work, there are now 4 house groups in their neighborhood. Marcello was an international professional volleyball player, proud of heart and an alcoholic, but God has completely changed him and Christina has been miraculously cured of cancer by God. Two champs who dedicate their lives for God’s Kingdom.

We had the honor to share the Word in one of these house groups on Tuesday evening. People were very edified and blessed by the testimony that God is so faithful. What an amazing ending to a full month in Brazil. Thank You, Jesus!

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