Rich in the Lord

Hi friends, a first update from Brazil. The trip went well, but unexpectedly Amanda’s bag was taken out when checked. The computer had spotted a suspicious package of 1.5 kilos. Something that looked like money bills… Haha we are very rich in the Lord, but the customs officer stumbled upon the Brazilian evangelism flyers. Amanda told him that it wasn’t earthly millions, but other precious paper to tell people how to be reconciled with God. The man thought it was funny and we could continue the journey.

The first few days were not fully booked, but on a mission trip you never know! On Tuesday it was only planned we would have lunch with a friend of Anthony and Daisy’s. But that turned out differently, for we didn’t get home until 12 o’clock at night.
From that one lunch appointment we rolled into the next meeting with other Christian friends, who had recently moved and live in the neighborhood. There people turned out to be very hungry and to have many questions about the Bible. After sharing for hours, we heard that the weekly house meeting would be held there that evening and if we wanted to stay. Sure! Always beautiful those spontaneous experiences. The Lord directs it. About 30 people came and were very blessed with preaching, prayer and prophetic words. Tired, but satisfied, we went to bed late. (Pictures)

Another great testimony to share is that this “lunch girlfriend” was heavily pregnant. She was expecting the baby in 10 days. When we left after lunch we prayed for her that the delivery would be quick and smooth and also, that it would be without any pain. The next day we received the message that she had given birth that same night, all in 2 hours time and without pain! The midwives were very amazed! That’s our God! Nothing is impossible for Him. The curse is borne by Jesus! Now we can walk in His blessing.

Thursday and Friday evening we will give a seminar in a church about God speaks. And this Saturday there is a special service organized. Bethegospel, the organization of Anthony and Daisy, wants to officially recognize different Brazilian Christians, with whom they have been working for some time. They want to acknowledge them as workers for the Lord and confirm the cooperation with them.
In this ceremony they also like to confirm the cooperation with us and acknowledge our work for the Lord. So we too will have a place in this ceremony. Very official, really something for these two down-to-earth Dutch people. So our prettiest clothes will be pulled out of our bags and our hairs will be modelled a bit.
It is really sweet to get recognition from brothers and sisters, but let us never forget to keep looking up to the recognition of our King and Lord.

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