In preparation

Preparations are in full swing. In less than 2 weeks we are in Brazil. The Brazilian evangelism flyers are already waiting and the sets of summer clothes are selected. This time the challenge is a bit bigger, because we only travel with hand luggage. The airline had made up the idea that one suitcase per person per flight should cost 100 euros. Well, then we turn back to the world trip backpack mode: lightweight travel! So taking weigh scales for some efficiently packing, because those flyers and that little pack of Dutch caramel waffles for our Brazilian brothers and sisters will be going with us, somehow.

Furthermore, we are busy preparing for the coming lessons and to hear from the Lord what He wants to teach His people. What in any case has come forth to teach is hearing God’s voice and growing in prophecy, among other things. We look forward to see the local Christians grow further in these things, because God wants to show the rest of Brazil that He lives and is a personal God!

Anthony and Daisy (whom we will be helping for a month) are already in South America. They have already done training and services in Grenada, Argentina and Brazil and Christians have been challenged there to take new steps in faith. Two weeks ago they were supposed to fly to Bolivia and serve several churches there for a month, but just 2 days before departure things started to be a mess politically in Bolivia. Public services were cancelled and the local Christians strongly advised them not to come. What is special, they hadn’t bought tickets for Bolivia yet, although that’s usually the case. The Lord leads His children without us noticing. He knows the future.

So we will enjoy the beautiful autumn colours and Dutch stews for now, because eating mango’s and pineapples is coming up soon.

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